Music Releases

Where to listen to
Nadia's released music albums can be found on all major streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify etc. Some of the tracks are only available on SoundCloud or Bandcamp.
Piano Meditations:
This album was recorded in December 2020 with talented sound engineer Alexander Siletski in Minsk.
1. Marine Blue
2. Vine
3. Threads and Drops
4. Stone
5. Zarnitsa, the Morning Star
6. Frosty Light
7. Timid Flowers
8. Marine Red
9. The Mountains
Piano Meditations:
Originally, played for youtube stream, this music tracks was combined to the album.
1. Fog On The River
2. Remembering
3. Distance Of Happiness
4. Sleep At The Fountain Ruins
5. Awakening
Redeemer Original Videogame Soundtrack
The Redeemer Original Videogame Soundtrack includes every spine-tingling and heart pumping track from the game.
1. Vanishing Star
2. Fracture
3. Indistinct Shadows
4. Dance of Death
5. Rebound
6. Catacombs
7. Brethren
8. I See Dead People
9. Creak of Blades
10. Assistance
11. Cruel Experiment
12. Enter the Dragon
13. Down to the past
14. Hurry
15. Redeemer
16. Monster Battle
17. The End of Madness
18. Brotherhood